Sunday, October 16, 2011

#change11 What is Expertise in a MOOC?

I need your help!!! Please consider responding to a short survey on your perceptions of the MOOC

I have been lurking around the edges of several MOOCs for the past couple of years. As I began my PhD studies, the concept of connectivism really began to resonate for me.
This semester, I have to do a small, practice-ish research study and I naturally gravitate toward the MOOC Research group. Although I do have lots of long-term ideas and will be working on them in the future, I have to work within the constraints of the semester requirements for this short project.

My question for this study is "how do participants determine who to follow and how do they grant the title of 'expert' to others within the MOOC?"

My first step to to ask you all to participate in a short, 5 question, survey. I am asking for your contact information also because I would like to follow up with a short interview. Please consider helping a poor PhD student out..... ;-)

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